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TBear’s Day 4 - Deadlift and Bench Press

All athlete's will warm up thoroughly. Find you 3 Rep Max Deadlift and 3 Rep Max Bench Press. Alternate between the two and repeat 3 times. Your score will be the 6 weights you moved through each of the 3 rep sets successfully. You may fail three times overall without penalty. Choose your weights wisely and don't compromise your safety by rounding your lumbar spine(lower back). No need to set up a bunch of deadlift bars. Coaches have the large classes split into four groups of similar strength and get to it. One deadlift bar and one bench press station(there are only 4) per group. Rules 30 minute time limit. Bar must touch chest on each Bench Press. Elbows must be below center of grip when bar touches chest. Keep away from the wide grip bench today. Deadlifts must be touch and go. Practice the decent so the bar will end in the starting position and ready for the next lift. Check out Rip's video below. You may change weights between sets if you like. example scoring... Round 1 - 300 Deadlift x 3reps = 300 Round 2 - 200 Bench x 3reps = 200 Round 3 - 315 Deadlift x 3reps = 315 Round 4 - 220 Bench x 2 reps = zero (you may try again at a lighter weight after the first 6 rounds) Round 5 - 315 Deadlift x 3 = 315 Round 6 - 205 Bench x 3reps = 205 Round 7 - redo failed rounds - attempt 200 bench x 3reps= 200 - Done Total score 300+200+315+315+205+200 = 1535