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Team Paleo Challenge 2012 Update!

Alright kids here is a list of the teams and also people who need a team! Results will be posted soon!
  1. Squad, Patty, Mel
  2. Shelley, Kojira, Corey
  3. Tim, Wendy, Panda
  4. Cindy, Alison, Kevin
  5. Doreen, Rob, FancyPants
  6. Fleur, Meirav, Cheryl
  7. Nat, Lesley, Vince
  8. Raquel, Shep, Brianne
  9. Dashie, Brookie, Brown Owl
  10. Nat, Jen, Maddy
  11. Shiva, Steph, Lindsay
  12. Pinky, Lumber, Jilly
  13. Easy E, Kelly Sams, Hallie
  PEOPLE who NEED a team! I have put in teams that I think work but if you wish to change so be it! Guys touch base by commenting and exchanging emails/numbers then let me know who is on whose team! If you switch, otherwise confirm! Irene C, Kate P, Lex Scott, Enrique, Noah Chris O, Sheik, Graeme Evan, Aaron I (trying to find someone for you guys!)