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Team Paleo Challenge 2012

You have all been asking for it so hear it is……………………. To start the year off we are going to run a 6 week Team Paleo Challenge! Once you have decided on your teammates (3 people per team) sign up! If you have not got a team but still want to participate SIGN UP and we will find a team suited to you or put ya in an individual section The challenge will run for 6 weeks and the winners will be decided by biggest team % loss. The same as all our challenges except it is now the combined % lost. So pick your team wisely!!!! Will they stay on track? What are their goals? Have they done a challenge before? What kind of relationship are they in? What are their weaknesses! Institute a 25 burpee sentence for every cheat meal! The challenge will begin the week of Sunday January 8th and will run to February 19th We will start pinching this Sunday. (2-3pm or 6-6.30pm) We are going to do the pinching over the next week and it will all be displayed on the website so everyone knows who they have to beat! Entry Fees: $60/person Prize: Winner takes 2/3 of the pot and we will have a few other cool prizes to give away as well. Check out our facebook group!