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Team Paleo Challenge Prizegiving

Are any of these teams the winners????????????? That's right folks! Everyone is pinched and the results are ready! I am going to get someone who is a little better at Math and Excel to double check everything as it is seriously close for the top 3 team spots!

So the plan is as follows: This Saturday March 3rd, we are having a prize-giving. It will start at 2pm with everyone getting together and sharing a few stories having a few snacks and then the results and prizes will be revealed at 2.30ish. There are prizes for the top 3 teams (first place gets some serious Moolah!) BUT there are also other random prizes so BE THERE! Please bring a snack to share with everyone, whether it is Paleo or not is up to you! This is extended to the whole community! Not just those in the challenge. It is a great time to come and talk to people about paleo/nutrition/working out and get some ideas. Hope to see you all there! Dashie