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Thank goodness it's Friday. Not only is it the last day before the weekend but it also time for the second classic 'Girl' workout of the week (just in case you are counting the Grace/Zoe mashup does NOT count as two, in fact it doesn't even count as one). I may not be making any friends with this one as it is a bit of a grinder (I think Dave Fitzpatrick actually called me a sadist), but this is one of my all time favourites and it is due. BUT before we get to the workout first push-up play time. Check out the following video of different push-up variations. My favourite is the spider-man push-up. Try to playing around with some of these different variations especially ones you may not have tried before. All right, time for the workout. It is the one and only... Barbara 5 rounds for time with 3 minutes rest between rounds 20 pull-ups 30 push-ups 40 sit-ups (ab-mat optional) 50 squats (your target must allow you to squat below parallel - that means d-balls for all the little people) Subtract your break time from your total time to get your score. Now, I have to live up to my new reputation as a sadist so if you are feeling particularly tough tomorrow you can try this workout T Bear style - chest to bar pull-ups, deep push-ups using plates (or if you're feeling really, really tough ring push-ups), ab-mat sit-ups with zero hip raise, and deeeeep squats. -Kermit