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TGU :-)

Turkish Get-up is a full body movement that will get you strong. Start the movement today from standing with the weight above your head to lying down on the floor… and then of course reversing that movement and switch hands at the top, if it slips you can doge it easier standing! The Turkish Get-Up: is a movement that people of all walks of life should seek to master. In fact, being able to properly get-up off of the floor is one of the things we start to lose as we get older. Warm up: 500m row at 75% Hold a handstand on the wall for (30 seconds x 2) Tech/Workout: On a running clock complete 5 rounds of 12 alternating Turkish Get-Ups. Take 2 minutes rest between each round, when you complete the 5th round do a hard 800m run. (subtract 8 minutes off your total time) Guys use black KB Girls use Red KB or scale if needed, oh yeah this is a wrecker.