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Thanks for all the Help - You guys are awesome

image The shared vision of all our coaches, close family and friends is to have balance in our lives. Our coaches give a lot of themselves, they need to get away from everything to recharge and have more to give later. A big part of this shared vision which leads to balance is to see the world via surf vacations. In order for us to be able to have a great vacation like we just had, we need people to step up. I want to acknowledge those who did just that. Urban Monk, Jailbird, Lumber, Fancy Pants, Lunger, Kermit, Maryland, Punky Brewster, CJ, Marco, lina, Girly Man and all of you veterans who helped out the new kids in Classes. Thank YOU!!! We really appreciate what you do for all of us. Tuesday's Lesson Plan: Warm Up: 50 deadlifts (135/95) Tech: Good mornings WOD: A hill to far 20 Pullups 30 Pushups 40 Situps 50 Squats 800m run 50 Squats 40 Situps 30 Pushups 20 Pullups