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The 4 Types of Strength

The 4 Types of Strength 

Everyone should understand a few ideas behind the purpose of your strength training. We talk about an overall balance and we want everyone to understand the differences and focus of our strength activities.

You can break down strength into four primary components

  1. Absolute/Maximal Strength
  2. Relative Strength
  3. Power or Explosive Strength
  4. Strength Endurance

Absolute maximal strength of a muscle or a group of muscles in a given movement equals the highest external resistance an athlete can overcome or hold with full voluntary mobilization of his or her neuromuscular system.  

Relative strength is the amount of strength that an individual has, the amount of weight an individual can move in comparison to his or her body weight. So this will help greatly with gymnastics movements. If you have a good level of relative strength, then you will have a much higher ability to move your body through space than individuals who have low levels of relative strength. 

Explosive strength is the speed at which you can use your strength. It involves heavy loading in shorter, high-speed movements for a few repetitions with long rest periods between. Think one rep max vertical leap, or one rep max snatch/clean and jerk or punching power. Jumping, bounding, punching, sprinting, and change of direction are just a few of many movement patterns that benefit from higher levels of explosive strength.

Strength Endurance is the ability to repeatedly exert force against a form of resistance. It is displayed in activities that require a relatively long duration of muscle tension with a minimal decrease in efficiency.  Like sled pushes, hill sprints, or Echo/Fan Bike Intervals.

Summing Up the Primary four Components of Strength

  1. Absolute Strength – 1 rep maxes
  2. Relative Strength – strength in relation to size
  3. Explosive Strength – move shit FAST
  4. Strength Endurance – do crappy things over an extended duration in order to achieve optimal pain/pump