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Make a Shake to Last All Day

All to often to first thing people tell me they eat in a day is a smoothie. 

There is nothing wrong with a smoothie as long as it has the right things in it. That being said I believe that regardless of convenience, a smoothie or a shake should not be the only food consumed before noon. 

Lately, I have been making what I call an "All Day Shake". It is so packed with stuff that drinking it all at once is a complete waste due how packed it is with goodness. Consuming all at once would mean nearly half of it would never get used by my body and would simply just be flushed out. 

Instead, I have been making it last all day, taking just small drinks over the course of the day while eating my regular meals. 

It contains 

1 scoop of Progressive Veggie Greens
1 scoop of Progressive PhytoBerry
25g of protein powder
1 tsp of gelatin
1 scoop of creatine
1/2 cup of strawberries
1/2 cup of blue berries
1 table spoon of greek yogurt
2 capsules b vitamins
2 green tea capsules
2 capsules of vitamin D
the rest is water

Consuming this throughout the day has helped me avoid being overly hungry at any point in time and assures me that I am always providing my body with good solid nourishment over a long period.

If you struggle to eat food over the course of a day perhaps adding an "All Day Shake" is a decent way to at least start adding more calories to your diet. 

Coach Tom