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The Ant’s last Day

image The Ant seen here with an unidentified blond and side kick- Short Round The Ant walked into our first gym years ago and after being asked why he came in....... Replied "I walk by here every day on my way to work and I just couldn't walk by here another day without finding out what fuck this crazy shit is all about". He has since bloomed into one hell of a crossfitter and hands down has the best deadlift to weight ratio we have ever seen. How many guys under a buck 65 can deadlift 475lbs?? He a really solid guy, a good friend and a hell of a poker player. He is moving onto greener pastures(Microsoft in Seattle). He also now holds the record for highest base salary right out of school that I have ever heard of. I think it is a win for me and our community to be able to say that we played a strong role (by his count) in that achievement. Tomorrow's workout is dedicated to"The Ant" 20 rep max squat max deadlift add both numbers together to come up with a total score. Do the squats first.