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Bracing and Set Up - Develop a Routine

When it comes to lifting weights one of the most critical errors I see on a regular basis is a lack of bracing in the set up. 

Every lift, just like every golf swing should have it's own set up and procedure to ensure the lifter is stable and controlled. 

Breaking it down into very small understandable pieces is the easiest way to remind the lifter that setting up is more than bending over and picking up the bar. 

Something like: feet, glutes, ribcage, breath, hips, hands, tension. This is how I remind myself how to set up for a deadlift every time. 

The best example out there I can think of is Lucas Parker. He does a wonderful job of ensuring every time he steps up to the bar he is in his most ideal position. Even when he fails, he is still braced and in control. 

Lucas Parker Deadlift

If you struggle with bracing or often complain of low back soreness from lifting or just daily life. Posture and bracing are likely what's holding you back. 

Reach out to us or your coach to learn more about efficient bracing and breathing techniques. 

Coach Tom