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The Baby Game: Is Wendy brewing a chinese or a white baby?

Wendy and Panda are about to be parents. We've all seen Wendy around the school lifting weights and rocking push-ups relentlessly, even with a gigantic belly. She looks like she's about to pop. Wendy at Hallowe'en already looking very pregnant. image It's time to cast your vote for a chance to win cash (the prize is 50% of the pot). How to vote: Grab a ballot and write down your predictions. Vote as many time as you like - $5 dollars a vote. Guess: 1.The baby's sex 2. Will the baby look Chinese or Caucasian? 3. Date 4. Weight Rules: Elimination Round 1: Sex - predict the right sex, and you move forward. Elimination Round 2: Chinese or White baby. We will have a panel of 5 judges (two chinese judges, two white judges, and a mutt (maybe Sheppy), who will determine whether the baby looks caucasian or white). Judges will cast their votes. If you predict correctly, you move forward. Once again, the parents: image Elimination Round 3: Date. (The official due date is February 8th). Elimination Round 4: If you've made it this far, you're doing pretty well. Winner will be determined by the baby's weight - include pounds and ounces on your ballot. Again, the prize is 50% of the pot. The other 50% of the money will go to a new fund that we're starting here at CF Van - A Personal Development Fund for our head and apprentice coaches. You may have heard Patty going on about the Landmark Forum and Choices - they are both personal development seminars that all of our head coaches have attended in the last couple years. It's quite expensive for us to continue sending our coaches there, but it's something we believe in. Personal development makes us better people. And if we're better, happier, more fulfilled people, we'll be better coaches to you. Choices is something that could benefit everyone. Check it out: Let the Baby Games Begin! And Happy Delivery Wendy. We're thinking of you.