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The “Barn” is up for Sub-Lease

image As you all know, we are moving to a bigger badder space. We also have 20 months left on our current lease and are looking to sub-lease the space. If any of you know of someone who could use a space as cool as "The Barn" please contact us it would really help us out. Please talk to your people. smile Friday's Workout: Upright Bear 5 deadlift 5 hang power clean 5 split/push Jerk Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes Highest dumbell chosen and completed wins If you can't complete on the minute....Take a minute break and continue the next minute Score it as the first round completed before failure and total rounds completed ie. you fail on round 13 then take round 14 off and complete every minute afterward Score 12- 18 Have a great weekend. Patty