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The “Build-out”

Great work today on the split jerks. You all made tremendous improvements in your technique and I must have seen at least 20 people with new personal bests. Nice work. The Build-out image We got a shit load of work done last weekend, and it seemed like everyone actually enjoyed themselves, it was unbelievable actually. This weekend Sheppy, Patty and T-bear are away at "Filfest" (the annual gathering of Crossfit Affiliates from around the world), but Charlie Palmer and the Pup are picking up the torch. We could use a few volunteers to help the boys out. This raw space needs a little more TLC to get it ready for the month end move. Charlie and the Pup will get started around 11am on Saturday. Please post a comment if you are interested in helping out this weekend. Food and refreshments will be provided. smile The Tuesday Workout is a whopper. Nicknamed the "Badger" only a few of us have done this Hero WOD in the gym, and it probably goes down as one of my favorite grinders to battle through. So get your rest and lets give it our best tomorrow. 3...2....1....Go !! Complete 3 rounds for time of: 95 pound Squat Clean, 30 reps 30 Pull-ups Run 800 meters Ladies - 65lbs * Those that don't complete the first 2 rounds within 30 minutes will be limited to just that. Again, use progressions if your technique is sketchy at the Rx'd weights. Tbear......Out