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The China Study Exposed as Fact or Fallacy? Lets put it to the test at the school.

image Your Instructors I recently had a student who started training with Bill (Star Apprentice smile ) and myself who is a Vegan. We questioned why he would do such cruel and unhealthy punishment to his body? Is it for moral or political reasons? "Yes, but mainly it is for health" was his answer. He cited the "China Study" as proof. I had heard of this study, but had not read its conclusions. My response was to cite what we observed at the school on a daily basis. Vegetarians did not do well (chicken lover put down the keyboard, we all know you were sneaking eggs and cheese and possibly even fish) in fact they almost exclusively fit into two categories.....weak or fat.......if not sick. Luckily Colter (our new student) is a real nice guy, with a quest for learning and sorting out the truth. We are going to let him continue to eat as he wishes and see where his performance can take him on a Vegan diet. If or most certainly when he tops out we will introduce some animal protein to his diet and see what happens. A mini crucible if you will Check out this article on the China Study for yourself. Free the Animal Monday's Lesson Plan: Warm up: 3 minutes of cindy (5 pull, 10push,15 sqt) How many rounds can you do? Tech: Deadlift 3,3,3,3,3 WOD: The Centurion 100 Jumping squats(45/35 lb bar), 100 shoulder press(45/35 lb bar), 100 abmat situps, 100 sdhp (black/ KB) 2 min break in between movements (changed from 3 min) Score is total time - breaks