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The Colonel

The Colonel is one of our tribal elders 

He's been diligently working his way from a debilitating back injury over the last few years.

He gone from 'it hurts when I blink' to 'I'm skiing better than I ever have. In my late 40s no less.'

It takes a lot of patience and resolve to chip away at a problem for that long.

It's great to see the Colonel back in Group class!

Madlab School of Fitness has dramatically changed the way I look at fitness.

As a soldier, I need to be fit enough to deal with unexpected events, and just running and doing weights isn't adequate. 

Once I started at Madlab, I knew I had found the best all-around fitness program in existence.

It was amazing to see specific strength gains and personal records in my old lifts, like bench press, come without doing regular bench presses! 

When you're fit, every challenge that life throws at you seems easier to conquer. 

I now use the techniques I’ve learned at Madlab in all the physical fitness training I plan for my soldiers, and we frequently use it in team-building ways. 

The expert coaches at Madlab were instrumental in getting our fitness program off the ground, and it has since taken off, and been emulated by other regiments in the Army. 

- Matthew P. Haussmann Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding Officer, The Royal Westminster Regiment (2009)