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The Creamsicle Cycle is coming!

While it's great to have big, tangible, sexy goals, it's also important to celebrate smaller, more subtle yet equally useful, milestones along the way. And being rewarded for them is even better!

Enter: The Creamsicle Cycle

We're about to embark on a new 6-week cycle next week, and one of our secondary focuses is the Bulgarian split squat. Anyone who has done these knows that they are uncomfortably gruelling. They're also incredibly useful for developing glute and hamstring strength. So here's the deal:

Complete 8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats at 2/3rd bodyweight at a tempo of @3010 at some point in the cycle and you get a delicious creamsicle!

(So far, Andy has only purchased two boxes of creamsicles, so clearly this is a task he doesn't think many will achieve. How's that for a challenge?)

Why are we doing this?

Basically we want you to understand the process of training. It requires patience and sometimes can be boring and not so glamorous, but there is real value in that process. We want people moving away from the "I have 5 wild, out-of-control kipping pull-ups, so I'm going to try a muscle-up" mindset. Or the, "I'm so far away from a muscle-up, so why even try to improve" mindset, and embrace the slow and steady, somewhat mundane, but ultimately rewarding process, and to remember to celebrate the smaller milestones along the way to the bigger goals. 

And, we really want to give out creamsicles...

All aboard the not-so glamorous Bulgarian Split Squat train!