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The Desert Run

image Today's Skill/Tech Element Back Levers, Front Levers, Ice cream Makers Today's WOD Helen (if you haven't done her this week) or Death by Ten Meters from Crossfit Endurance Run 10m on the minute. Each round (every minute) add 10 meters until you can no longer continue. Lets see how we stack up with those speedsters. Speaking of Speedsters, Crossfit Vancouver's Tim Watlon is running for a cause. The goal: to raise $50,000 for Lifewater Canada by running 30+km a day for almost 2 weeks from Osoyoos to Richmond. The redefined reason: to provide fresh water for Africa and to commemorate their friend and brother, Amo. Whats more is he is going to do it wearing Vibram Fivefingers. Wow. Check out the details and give him some love at The Desert Run image Andy