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The Dreaded Michael

This one we don't do.....hardly ever. It is a monster, it will totally f@ck up your entire core from your hamstrings to your tits. You are warned.....if you don't do a lot of Glute ham situps SCALE THIS WOD We are going to have to modify the workout slightly because we don't have 20 GHD's. Do good mornings in place of back extensions. The movement is similar and just as potent. I loved her voice :) Put the bar a little lower down the back than she shows Wednesday's lesson Plan: Warm up: 200m run 10 burpees x 3 Tech: Glute ham situp, Good mornings WOD: Michael 800m run 50 Glute ham situps 50 Good mornings x 3 rounds Coaches stagger the start, have some people do GM's first. Most people should scale to 30 of each Patty :)