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The Gauntlet - Gymnastics Only

OK. We had a long one today that really tested our endurance, stamina, and accuracy with the olympic bar. Cudos to those that finished the full workout. Absolutely none of these hero workouts are easy to complete, period. image Choose your box jump height tomorrow Something I love about switching up the coaching weekly is that we as coaches get the opportunity to use our creativity in developing new workouts to test our peers. Us crossfitters often get humbled, especially doing level 1 gymnastic movements that a talented 8 year old girl can do with two months experience. But overall we want the ability to step into something uncommon and perform those tasks uncommonly well. So, with that here's something different for Wednesday's class. Careful with the forward rolls. Let's test 8 movements that we have all done before. Let's call it... "The Guantlet" Count reps just like FGB but the circuit will have 1 min work intervals with 1 min breaks in-between each. 1. Handstand Pushups (Alternative - hold wall handstand for 1 min for a score of 5 points) 2. Forward Roll 3. Dips (on the Rack) 4. Midfloor Alternating pistols - counterweight allowed (if box or wall is used divide reps by 2) 5. Pull-ups 6. Hollow rocks 7. 36"/24" Box Jump (36" box jump counts for 3 points) 8. Glute-Ham Sit-ups (torso must go past parallel) Add your reps up for your score. Progression Bands - black skinny band - divide by 2 - purple band - divide by 3 - green band - divide by 4 Coaches will have a running clock. Send your athletes every 2 minutes. Have them partner up like FGB with someone else counting and ensuring full movements are complete. If the class is 15 people they will all get through in 30 minutes. Have fun....and congrats to the Pup who took down the "Badger " workout.