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The Hypermobile Golfer

What a great photo sequence of Canadian Professional Golfer Brooke Henderson.  Look at her range of motion and control.  No wonder she is blazing a trail on the LPGA.

Most golfers I know could never get in that 3rd position and if they tried there would be trouble.

However, the hypermobile golfer does exist.  It is more common with kids and juniors.  One dimension of this condition is that the individual has trouble sending a signal to the corresponding muscles to activate and thus control movement. So in turn the golfer uses their end range of motion to stabilize and swing instead of muscles.  This can lead to injury and is a poor long term strategy for development.

So what is the answer?  ACTIVATION AND BUILD STABILITY!! To be honest every golfer shoulder be practicing these exercises.  

Here are a few different activation exercises aimed at developing your muscles and stability for a sound golf swing.


Glute activator.


Activation and stability in the torso and glutes:


Stay connected on your backswing:


Here is a great article from TPI Golf Fitness and Premier Fitness systems discussing this subject in greater detail.

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