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The Lumber Jack: a Crossfit Vancouver Giant

image I have taken the time to write a testimonial for Chris, because Crossfit has truly changed my life and it is the least I can do to give something back. Crossfit Vancouver is not the first gym that I have been a member of nor is Chris the first trainer I have ever worked with. But without a doubt I must say that Crossfit Vancouver and Chris are by far the best in the business. What was common about other places I worked out is I never met anyone and I rarely even talked to anyone else even though I was a member at those gyms for over five years. What was common about other trainers I worked with was that I received instruction approximately once a week and they all had a plan designed to help me reach my fitness goals. What was also common about the other trainers I worked with was that my gains tapered off after about 3 months of hard work and after about 5 months I was totally board with my program. The lack of novelty and the decrease in results coupled by weak goal orientation meant that I would quickly decide that I could no longer benefit from working with that particular trainer. What is uncommon about Crossfit Vancouver is all the things that I didn't get from other trainers are built into the structure at "The MADLAB". There is a terrific culture around the gym which has allowed me to make many friends. I have been doing Crossfit for a year and continue to see tremendous gains on almost a daily basis and still enjoy doing it. The gains I make are easily measured and undisputable because all of my results are tracked and can be reviewed at any time allowing me to compare current and past results. The workouts are constantly varied so one is never bored and can constantly improve in different aspect of their fitness. Moreover this approach has allowed me to far exceed what I previously thought possible in terms of personal fitness on every measurable level. I have improved greatly in strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and have lost 15 pounds and more importantly dropped ten percent body fat. Simply by taking common movements and mixing them up in an uncommon way to create a sport of fitness. What makes Chris a particularly good coach is his passion for helping individuals realize their athletic potential. Moreover Chris is great at making people feel welcome when they come to the gym he introduces all his new clients to existing members and facilitates relationships among his clients. Finally he is completely dedicated to helping his clients achieve optimum performance and has on occasion kept the gym open late for me to come and work with him one on one in his own free time. I would recommend Chris and Crossfit Vancouver's MADLAB to people of all ages and athletic backgrounds. Tuesday's Workout: The Lumber Jack 1 Minute of Squat Cleans (95lbs/55lbs) =1pt for each rep 3min rest 1 Minute of Squat Cleans (135lbs/75lbs) = 3pts for each rep 3 Min rest 1 Minute of Squat Cleans (155lbs/95lbs) = 5pts for each rep 3 min rest 1 minute of Squat Cleans (185lbs/110lbs) = 8pts for each rep 3 min rest 1 minute of squat cleans (205/125) = 12pts for each rep 3 min rest 1 minute of squat cleans (225/135) = 17pts for each rep