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the “Lunger files”

I just received a great email from Corey (Lunger) about the comparisons of our athletes that didn't go to Calgary for the qualifiers and the results from those who did. That was my goal this week to show how far you guys/gals have all come, and to put your times up against the best and brightest in the west to show how you measure up (aces wink Thought it was interesting this week to do the WODs from the Calgary Qualifier. Obviously not every one showed up for every WOD and of the people who showed up not everyone posted but looking at how competitive the CF Vancouver men are I thought it was interesting to compare results with those of the Calgary participants based on scores reported on the Leaderboard. You would think I should have something better to do with my time but it just caught my fancy. Not sure it is worth anything but decided to share anyhow: WOD 1 the KANADIAN" Calgary Results: 1st Place 8.35 10th Place 7.15 CF Vancouver Scores that would qualify for top 10 in Calgary: Joel 8.28 Pete K 7.37 SUPA 7.36 TODDLER 7.27 PUP 7.25 Lumber 7.22 CF Vancouver obviously rocked this event with 6 participants with scores that would have put them in the top 10 at the Calgary qualifier. Just amazing! WOD 2 1 km Run Calgary Results: 1st Place 2:56.28 10th Place 3:15.43 CF Vancouver Scores that would qualify for top 10 in Calgary: Pete K 3:02 Vincent 3:06 The Calgary run times were obviously very fast but I was surprised that we didn't have more runners with competitive times. Maybe a lot of people didn't show up to run in the rain? SUPA put in a good time but not good enough to place top 10. WOD 3 pick it up and put it overhead Calgary Results: 1st Place 1.52% bodyweight 10th Place 1.30% bodyweight CF Vancouver Scores that would qualify for top 10 in Calgary: No One? SUPA and Lumber didn't quite make top 10 in this event. WOD 4 Jackie Calgary Results: 1st Place 6:09.03 10th Place 6:43.35 CF Vancouver Scores that would qualify for top 10 in Calgary: Just Max 6:12 SUPA 6:24 I was surprised by this result. Lumber was close. SUPA seemed to put in a strong showing in every event and would have done as proud had he competed in Calgary. Lumber too probably. I suspect Joel would have placed top 5 as well based on performances I've witnessed from him but he only posted one score so far this week. Don't know if there is any value in this but it was fun and satisfied my curiosity. Make of it what you will. Lunger Thanks for crunching the numbers Lunger Popeyewink