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The Madlab Ladder - Man the F#ck up!

  • To promote personal improvement, camaraderie, excitement and fitness through head to head challenges
  • To get you to man up and have fun!
  • It is good for your soul.
  • Pride and Glory
  • Oh Yeah, the 10X Grand Champion will receive a reserved parking spot under the “MadLab Ladder Champ” sign (being made as you read) by the front door of the School of Fitness
How it works
  • Every Thursday night is Head to Head ladder challenge night
  • WOD will be posted on Monday (website on Monday blog post)
  • Every WOD will be from the standard list that makes up the Madlab fitness Rating (Wods on Leaderboard at gym)
  • There will be a board to sign up on if you want to compete
  • Find someone you want to challenge
  • You have until Wednesday night to negotiate and accept a challenge with someone
  • Both athletes need to have a good chance of winning, so the function of the Ladder is to create an even challenge for any two athletes regardless of current fitness level.
  • The handicap should bring the lower performing athlete to the same level as the higher performing athlete so that both have an equal chance of winning.
  • Most likely, athletes will agree on an equalizing handicap based on their most recent scores for that particular workout, general fatness, drinks on the weekend, etc
Example James and Meagan challenge each other to Fran. James has a Fran score of 5:00. Meagan has a Fran score of 7:00. Meagan proposes a 2:00 headstart. James thinks Meagan can improve her score more than he can, and proposes a 1:45 headstart. They both agree on a 1:50 headstart for Meagan.
  • Don’t be a tool……find a compromise….take a risk
  • Have Fun!
Ladder System
  • The challenge winner will receive one point (1). The challenge loser will receive zero points (0).
  • A ladder board will track total points, so that the athlete with the most challenges won will be the highest on the ladder.
  • First to 10 wins becomes champ
  • He or she will keep the parking spot until the next Champ comes along
  • Once you are champ, you start over at 0
  • Photo of the day on Monday will feature the leader
Basic Rules
  • One (1) challenge allowed per week
  • Each challenger must post most recent score for the challenge WOD with date
  • Handicaps must be negotiated and written on a board before the challenge
  • Negotiations can happen in the comments section or face to face (not on the board)
  • We will not share contact info
  • Progressions are acceptable
  • The preferred method is Face to face, but is not compulsory  - we are all on our honour
  • Normal WOD standards apply, and should be reviewed beforehand
  • Athletes are responsible for adhering to WOD standards during a challenge, although a third party may officiate if both parties agree
  • After completing a challenge, athletes cannot challenge the same athlete for three challenges
  • The winner must be posted on the board By 9pm Thursday evening……scores will not be accepted after that time
  • The goal is to have fun and create another game to get fit – Don’t be a Prick!
Comissioner: Nathan "Home School" Jolly Thursday: LAST DAY OF BACK SQUATS. PROMISE! Tech: 5 sets of 5 back squats (How much load have you added since we started this series 5 weeks ago?) WOD: I was going to program a Regionals WOD since the competition workouts were released this evening, but I also wanted something hard, short and fast, and there are no short and fast workouts at Regionals. So, we're going to do one component of one of the workouts. Trust me, you'll be happy you're not doing the entire workout. 3 Rounds of: 21 Wall Balls 21 Toes to Bar Check out the full workout on the Games site ( - Patty and Eunice