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The Mountain

image I hope you've all enjoyed "Grin it and Bear-it II" the week of the Bear. I love the posts, keep 'em coming. I'm off to Vegas and 41 degrees C, hence the early post. This one is for those cardio-junkies. MJ, Marco, Amanda, Big Al, you'll love it. cool grin "The Mountain" 10 Pull-overs (skin the cat is the substitution) 20 Pistols 30 Ring Dips 40 Knees to Elbows 50 Burpees 60 Double-Unders 70 KB Swings (Red/Grey) 80 Hollow Rocks 90 In and Outs (set up in plank and pump those legs in and out) 100 20" Box Jumps 110 Lunges 120 Abmat Situps Fastest (male and female) get a sweet Las Vegas Gift Pack compliments of the Bear. Will Marco prevail? ...could the Butler do it? .... Can Amanda take down new comer Robo-Joy? ..... Or will it be someone like Popeye, Ant, or the Pup top the list? Enjoy the long weekend!! No classes Monday!! Machine may have a Sunday nooner for those sticking around town. T-Bear Out!!!