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The Muscle Up

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 10 turkish getups (20lbs/35lbs), 10 walking lunges Technique: Muscle-up progressions and kipping handstand pushups Workout: Nate... adjusted, number of rounds in 20 minutes 2 muscle-ups 4 handstand push-ups 8 kb swings... the original workout prescribes using a 2 pood kb, but since there is a limited supply of 2 pood kbs we will go with red for ladies and black for gentlemen Here is the link to a great article, written by none other than CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, discussing the muscle-up. Muscle-up CrossFit Journal The article was written in 2005 but the technique and coaching cues are the same now as they were then: 1. Hang in a false grip 2. Pull the rings to your chest or “pull-up” 3. Roll your chest over the bottom of the rings 4. Press to support or “dip” Of course there are a few handy progressions we can use just in case we are not quite there yet. And now on a COMPLETELY different note, I don't know if this exercise gadget quite measures up to the ridiculousness of Andy's "shake weight" but the uZap has to come close.