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The new space needs some love

As you have noticed we have extended our box! However it needs a little bit of love! This Saturday from 12pm – 4pm (approx) we are going to be painting and would love if you can help out for all or part of it! We will supply all the painting resources and of course some snacks and beverages. Hope to see you there! Wednesday Pixie Day! Today we are going to focus on the muscle up. This complex movement is difficult but do not get discouraged, working on the small things can really help to advance to the next step. TECH: 1. False Grip: Practice hanging in this position (how long does it take to accumulate 2 minutes hanging in the false grip?) 2. Elbows In! The wider you take the rings the harder it is to control, think about placement, pulling the rings and placing them under the armpit. 3. Negatives: Start on your knees underneath the bar and slowly go through the movement from bottom to top and then again. Not a jump into the ring dip! Your body must be tight throughout the whole movement. Try starting at the top also. Those of you that already have a muscle up with a false grip and need to progress to a non-false grip muscle up that is quicker in a wokout where you have to string many tother practice a kip on the rings where you bring the hips to the rings and then do a situp! Here are links to the videos for this: WOD: 7 Muscle Ups (Progressions: 10CTB, 10Ring Dips) 200m Run x5