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The Old Man Turns 39!

image This Friday - April 23rd - come and join us in the lounge to watch the hockey game and give Patty his present that many of you have been helping with. The game starts at 7 pm. We'll give Patty his present in between periods. You don't want to miss this! FYI - His real birthday is actually today. Warm up: Burgnar w/u Skill/tech: Snatch (3,3,3,3) Thursdays workout: Snatch and Squat Ladder Description: With a continuous running clock perform: * 1 snatch and one overhead squat the first minute (65/95). * 1 snatch and two overhead squats the second minute. * 1 snatch and three overhead squats the third minute.(ect) Continue until you cannot complete the prescribed repetitions within the minute has put up a BK video from the BC Sectionals featuring a few of our athletes. The Men's CrossFit Football Total - video wmv mov image