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The 2017 Open at MadLab School of Fitness

Open season is upon us. 

For those of who don't know what the Open is, here are the Coles Notes. 

- A 5-week online competition starting February 23rd
- Each Thursday at 5pm pacific HQ announces a workout for the week
- Participants have until Monday at 5pm to complete the workout and submit their score
- We as a gym will run the workout Fridays as our regular class programming
- You will be able to make up the workout in the Sunday classes if needed
- If interested, sign up at and register with the team MadLab SOF, affiliate CrossFit Vancouver
- If you are not taking part in the Open we will run a tailored modified version of the workout in class on Fridays

For some the Open is simply a stepping stone in a long process. For others the Open is chance to test and push yourself in a new and fun way. 

If you have any questions about what the Open is or why we do it, please reach out to or chat with me at the gym. 

Coach Tom