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The Performance Grid

Today we have a workout that is going to test your medal. It involves one of the more challenging movements that we do as CrossFit athletes so we are going to start you off with some words of wisdom to help you help us coach you through it. image Skill is comprised of an individual's education and experience. Commitment is comprised of an individual's confidence and willingness. 1. A poor performer is someone that has a low skill level and lacks commitment to a task. It is important to address their commitment issues first and then work with them on developing their skill. It is pointless to work with someone to develop their skill if they are not yet committed to working on it themselves. 2. A Loyal Worker is someone who has a high level of commitment to their goals but is struggling with the skills required to progress. You have to then try to understand whether their challenge comes from a lack of education or experience. If they lack education you have to spend time explaining the task to them. If they lack experience a repetitive skill exercise will help them to develop more quickly. Give them the wrong one and you will not see improvement. 3. A Maverick is someone that possesses a lot of skill but does not possess the commitment to become a star performer. This issue here can be a lack of willingness or a lack of confidence. In the former case you need to sit them down and talk with them about their willingness and how it is holding them back and challenge them to change. In the latter case you need to watch them do the movement and cue them on all the things they are doing right. It also helps to remind them of past success and major accomplishments to remind them what they are capable of when they work hard. 4. A Star Performer is someone who possesses a lot of skill and is very committed to being a top performer. They work hard at every task and have the skill to progress quite quickly. The opportunity here is to dream with them about their potential growth to keep them performing like a star performer. Talk to them about the type of numbers that top athletes are putting up and what it would take for them to put up similar numbers. Talk to them about gym records and what it would take to be considered among the CrossFit elite. Do you find you are held back more by your skill or commitment and how do the two things overlap and relate to one another? Do you find you struggle with a lift more because of a need to develop the skill or just because your confidence is low, or do the two automatically go hand in hand? Where are you on the grid as a CrossFitter on the whole? An open discussion of these issues would help your coaches better understand what can be done to bring about quicker development of our athletes and students. The latest Hero WOD is "Tyler" 5 rounds 7 Muscle Ups 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 95lbs/65lbs Progression for the Muscle Ups is 2 tier - If you are close to doing one on your own do jumping Muscle-Ups with the quick transition through the middle. If you are no where near a Muscle Up then sub 3 pull ups and three ring dips per. Have Fun! Hugs and Kisses, The Lumberjack and The Shepherd