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Swing Right

NBC has partnered up to with The United States Golf Association to create a video series named The Science of Golf. I am absolutely in love with it.

There are three main physics concept to grasp in order to swing a golf club and hit it long and straight:

1. The Double Pendulum Effect
-Pendulum: A weight suspended from an anchor from which the weight can pivot or swing freely under the influence of gravity.
-The shoulders make up the first pendulum. The wrist and shaft make up the second ending finally in the club head.

2. Centripetal Force
– A force that makes an object move in a curved motion (ie. a golf swing)

3. Torque
-Force x Distance
-Turning force that changes the rate of rotation in an object

Watch the full video here:




All 3 of these concepts require for you to be in certain positions. For example: The bigger the arc of your swing the more force you will create.

Why am I telling you all this? Well it just happens that I have done a course in golf fitness. TPI. I know many of you think the term “Golf Fitness” is an oxy moron. Rest assured golf is not only for fat retirees. Its for everyone and improving the range of motion of your turn will increase the distance you hit the ball. This will help you enjoy what can be difficult sport at times. Its all about having fun right?

Increasing your range of motion in all sorts of levers and rotations is a big part of what golf fitness is all about.

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