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The Play Pen

Freedom is here...come in and play! The workout is max Deadlift (1,1,1) and the rest of the hour is for you! Work on your weaknesses... the H-S-P-U, O-H-S, muscle-ups, back flips, pistols, etc. It's a day to go in and progress at movements you are not that comfortable with. Seek out a friend who is working on the same or similar movements and have fun! image Checkout some Deadlift World records courtesy of Wikipedia: The record for the tire deadlift (in which hummer tires are used in place of plates) under Strongman rules where lifting straps are allowed is 498.9 kg (1100 lbs) by Benedikt Magnússon. The record for an equipped deadlift (a deadlift performed using a deadlift suit using a standard bar and plates) is 457.5 kg (1009 lbs) by Andy Bolton. The record for a raw deadlift (a deadlift performed without the aid of a deadlift suit) is 426 kg (939 lbs) by Konstantin Konstantinovs. The world record for the one handed deadlift is 333.2 kg (734.5 lbs) by Hermann Goerner.