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It has come across my attention that some people are still having problems stringing together 30+ double unders. I am more than confident that those same individuals paid the price when that Double Under Games-WOD came down from HQ. Double unders are great way to supplement the development of explosive power from our lower legs as well as power in our upper back/shoulders. Also, double unders are a great supplement to those looking into barefoot running to develop your calf and foot strength and overall sprinting capacity. It takes a totally different kind of conditioning to string together 100+ double unders. If we are consistently practicing this movement we should all be approaching close to 50+ consecutive. But, I know some people don't do them because they just can't get it. So, lets take it from Buddy Lee himself to teach us how. In this video he touches on the power jump.

Essentially, in the power jump, you just want to be able to jump twice the height of your regular single unders. While jumping you want to be able to keep your whole body as straight as possible, without piking or bending at the waist. When you get better at the power jump you won't have to jump as high. I find that this jump is 1 of 2 crucial components in getting the double under. The second component is hand/wrist speed. If you watch the hands of both Buddy Lee and the lady demonstrating, the speed of rotation of their HAND AROUND THE WRIST, not forearm around elbow **key point**, does not slow down. The speed is consistent and its fast. In words, the sound of the rope going around you is like a "woosh-woosh", then a "woosh-woosh, woosh-woosh..." and so on... Warm Up: Coach's Choice Tech: Double Unders If you've got 30+ double unders already, play around with those other positions that Buddy Lee demonstrates. 1) Side Stradle 2) Forward Stradle 3) Skiers 4) The Bell 5) The Twister And if you're courageous enough, 6) The Swap! Workout: The Defibrillator 15 Double Unders 5 Burpees Rounds in 10 Minutes Coach's leave an extra 10-15 minutes before the end of class to do some stretching. Anyone that hit yesterday's running WOD plus today will experience some lower leg tightness, so stretch it out. Hit the calves, achilles, and hamstrings especially. Have fun! CJ