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The Power of Language - Should Detox

The Power of Language - Should Detox

I am obsessed with the magic of language and how the words we think and say shape the stories we believe and the identities we create for ourselves.

One of the simplest single word changes we can make in our language is replacing the word ‘should’.

 Here’s an example of how the progression works:

I REALLY SHOULD drink more water.”

I SHOULD drink more water.”

I COULD drink more water.”

I CAN drink more water.” 

I CAN TOTALLY drink more water.”


Say them out loud.  What do you notice?


‘Should’ feels like an obligation, like a difficult thing to do and like it is unlikely to happen.

By the time it progresses to I ‘can totally’ it no longer seems insurmountable or a challenge.  It feels light and easy and no big deal.

Try it.  What have you been ‘shoulding’ all over yourself on?  Use the language progression above, write it down and say them out loud.  Feel the difference in your body with each statement.

If you are interested in learning more about the power of language and casting spells for a powerful future, I am offering goal setting/vision casting sessions. 

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Abracadabra – ‘with my words I create’