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The Side Step up with Rotation

The Side Step up with Rotation is an excellent athletic training maneuver. We can use it in golf fitness to exercise many different parts of the full swing.

In its most evolved form it trains balance, lateral weight shift, rotation, anti-rotation and upper/lower body disassociation.  These are all key elements of the golf swing.

However the way I would teach it is with progressions that build upon each other.  

The first progression is a lateral step up onto the box and finishing balanced on one leg.  Following this we would try it with a light medicine ball or dumbell.  This alone would improve your ability to laterally weight shift and balance.

Next we would try this with a trail hip rotation in the direction you are laterally stepping.  This mimics a golf swing in that you are posting up on the lead leg then rotating into and around it.  Holding off the torso rotation allows the client to practice upper body anti-rotation while rotating the hips.  At this point it would look like this.

Once the client has gotten the hang of this we can add the opposite direction torso rotation.  So here the client will look like the picture above and below.  In this case we now have the full blown side step up with rotation. 

So now we have practiced lateral weight shift, balance, rotation, anti-rotation and upper/lower body disassociation.  Imagine your golf swing if you were better at all of these elemental movements.

This is just one of the many golf fitness movements I can practice with you to improve your golf game.  

I don't coach your golf swing - Thats your Pro's job.  I make your body stronger and more limber in the right places so it can more effectively swing.  I always say that your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.  Take care of it and it will take care of your golf game. 

If you have any questions about Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness or Functional Fitness please feel free to reach out to me, Chris Saini, at  


Happy Swinging!

Chris Saini