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The Six Best Physical Attributes for Golfers

Want to get better at golf?  Think its just about being on plane or having a square club face at impact?

Lets back this up a bit big shooter...

The golf swing is an athletic an artful maneuver...

Sure you might have a brand new set of Callaway Roque irons and woods along with a Scotty Cameron Putter...

But what if your sticks were not the most important piece of equipment you have for your golf game?

What if your body was the most important piece of equipment for your golf game?

Have you ever thought about it this way?

Titleist Performance Institute has put together the 6 most common physical attributes among long hitters and elite golfers.  They are:

  1. Sufficient Hip Mobility
  2. Sufficient Core Control
  3. Sufficient Thoracic Mobility
  4. Ability to Hinge Hips
  5. Lower Body Strength and Power
  6. Ability to Pelvic Tilt

Think you have all these attributes?  We have the tests to see if you do... Quite possibly you don't.  However, this does not mean you cannot acquire them - No matter your age or ability.

When we begin to look at our body as the vessel for an efficient kinematic sequence and golf swing the focus can change to making improvements to it rather than buying a new driver. 

As a TPI Certified Trainer I can help you get better in all of these areas and many more.  I will not coach your golf swing but I will make you better at the required different postures and movements between them.

Please read the full article here.

Check out Jason Day's And Adam Scott's golf swing in slow motion.  Look at all those physical attributes coming together to allow them to swing the club so well.  Its a thing of beauty.

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