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The Social Animal

***Remember the new morning class times beginning this week. Classes will be Monday through Friday at 6am and 7am. There will also be classes Tuesday and Thursday at 8am.*** image Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope those of you who joined us for the party on Saturday night have managed a full recovery... A big thanks to Emily for organizing another great event and to all those who helped setup and cleanup the party. Monday's content is a bit of reading homework for you all. The Social Animal It's an article about human nature, with a bit of conjecture about the things we look for in a partner and what makes us happy. As much control as we may think we have over our lives, there is so much that is governed by unconscious choice. Unconscious choice is a feeling. It is something deeply embedded in who you are, which is controlled by the connections you've made and experiences you've had in your life. One of the conjectures in the article is that happiness doesn't come from conscious accomplishments. These accomplishments are short lived, they are over the instant they are complete. It's why that PB is good, but never is it lasting satisfaction. It's the journey towards those accomplishments and the personal interaction with others along the way that brings lasting happiness. I think this why our community is so fulfilling to the people that find it and embrace it. We are constantly evolving and learning, and talking with those around us, new and old, about how we are improving - what is working and what isn't working. All these shared connections and experiences help to bring us the lasting happiness that the conscious accomplishments cannot. So without further adieu, today's workout: image Warmup: Coach's choice Tech: Clean pulls (from the floor and from a box) Workout: "Destiny" As many reps as possible in 5 rounds of 1 min. Hang Squat Clean (95/65 lbs) Rest 2 min. Post total reps to the leaderboard and thoughts about the article to the blog. Dan and Andy