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The Super Seven

image The PUP's First pullup bars in the original box at 333 Terminal Ok Crew it's Patty's week this week. I have been putting some thought into improving the vibe, camaraderie, and fitness of the community. All week I will be announcing new events for the fall. The first item on the list is "THE SUPER SEVEN". A couple of days ago I was golfing with Baxie (Jamie baxter) and Hilly (Curtis Hillier) and I asked them what their Fran time was. Neither had a clue. Then I asked for their Helen time, rounds of Cindy, grace???? Nothing. Let me tell you something, if any of you ever venture out in the global Crossfit world (The games, filfest, certifications, other affiliates, etc) and someone asks you your Fran time and you don't know, you will look like a complete pretender. It is kind of like asking someone "What's your handicap"/ and the person has no idea. Guess what that person is probably a shitty golfer. We have a problem in the box that needs to be remedied immediately. For far too long we have focused on comparing ourselves to each other (leaderboard) and not comparing ourselves to our past selves. In the old days 3-5 years ago we used to do Fran, Cindy, Grace etc all the time. We are going to get back to it starting today. For the next 2 weeks or so, everyone of you needs to complete THE SUPER SEVEN Fran, Cindy, Helen, Grace, Murph, Cf Total and the OLY TOTAL (Clean & jerk + Snatch) We still have to figure out the logistics of getting everyone through all seven workouts, but for tomorrow this is the WOD Monday's WOD Warm up: Tabata double unders Tech/strength: Deadlift 3,3,3 Workout: Cindy 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats (# rounds in 20 minutes)