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The Superbowl Aftermath

It's been a great weekend. Pittsburgh pulls out the win in the final minute. GSP was utterly dominant over BJ Penn in the Octogon. Crossfit Vancouver's new box had 30 of it's athletes come by to both help move the lighting up and place a couple coats of black and blue paint on the walls. It was a pretty awesome sight. image Thanks to everyone. I for one can't wait for the move, the additional space will be a blessing for us all. Monday's Workout - "The Jerk-off" - work up to your max split jerk and push jerk. - Racks are allowed. Scoring -Add your max split jerk and push jerk weight together for your score. Keys to a good Jerk Stand tall.....breath.....hold the breath....squeeze the air into the stomach....relax the hands....dip straight, drive straight back up creating momentum on the barbell. As the bar becomes the arms hard up and drive the body down under the bar. Think shoulder activation and get those elbows locked out. This movement has to be done explosively and fast. Your push-jerk will more than likely be less than your split jerk. The difference comes in that a split jerk has a deeper receiving position and is easier to balance the bar forwards and backwards. Have fun. Work in groups and give yourself enough space to fail at the heavier attempts. T-Bear