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The Tank

Well our Cross Fit Vancouver team has left the country and is getting ready to represent us in this weekends Cross Fit Games in California. Our fearless members: Rhea, Amy, Punky, Sack, Lumber & T-Bear...our hearts are with you and we are proud to have you represent CFV. Good luck! In my eyes you are big time winners for being there! Now onto another winner who has been training at our gym since 2007 and is now fighting for our country. If you have had the pleasure our meeting and working out with our good buddy, Colm, I am sure you have witnessed his determination and big heart. As Colm doesn't have access to some of our daily items we may take for granted, we would like to put together a care package for him. Next week there will be a marked box in the gym for your donations. Some ideas: Starbucks viva coffee, Krap dinner, reading material, etc. Remember not to get too carried away as it is the Army. If you would like to contribute and need any suggestions, please ask myself or Tinkerbell (James Alexander) and we can help you out. Below is a picture of Cpl. Colm Gallen of the British Columbia Regiment checking out the view from his tank image Fridays Workout Warm-up/Tech: Squat Clean Workout: The Tank (5 rounds for time) 15 push ups 9 Squat cleans (155/115 lbs.) 3 rope climbs (bring a sock) Saturdays Workout: Dippin' Helen (3 rounds for time) 400m run 21 Kettle Bell Swings (black/red) 12 ring dips