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The U Bend in Life

I found this article on a few months back. Thought it was really interesting. The U Bend in Life. Why, Beyond Middle Age, People Get Happier as They Get Older. The article discusses how economists are looking into what makes people happy. They have come up with four different factors that seem to affect one’s happiness. Gender – Women are generally more happy than men although they are also more prone to depression. Personality – Neuroticism and extroversion. Neurotics, prone to negative feelings about themselves, have less emotional intelligence. They have trouble managing relationships. Extroverts, those who are energized by working and being around others, are happier. Remember this next time you stay home from a party to scrub your toilet. Circumstance – These include criteria such as your health, income, relationships, kids etc. It is easy to see how the state of any of these could affect one’s happiness. Last but most importantly – Age – The jist of this whole thing. From the end of adolescence to the early 50s, our happiness generally falls. The global average of being most unhappy is 46. Following that there seems to be an all around rise in happiness and satisfaction in life. This is the U Bend. What is fascinating about this is that no matter what the circumstances are (income, family etc) the U Bend happens. Across different cultures and countries. This suggests that the changes that go on are internal.image Whether its years of learning how to accept what is, looking at your own mortality differently or being better at controlling your emotions, life gets better past your early 50s. As always when I read something I compare it to my own experience. I definitely had a jump up in life in my early 30s (just as the graph shows.) My father, 73 with 2 steel knees, is happier than I’ve ever seen him. His “Joie de Vivre” is very impressive. So, a little over 2 months from my 40 birthday, I am inclined to believe in the U Bend theory. It gives me understanding about where I am and how I feel in my life. Think I'm going to stress a little less if i can keep it in mind. But I’m just a young buck. Our very own Professor Tony Leyland turned 55 on Sunday. Perhaps he could tell us a little more? Monday’s Workout: Warm Up: 800 m Run Tech/Skill: 10 sets of 10 Overhead Squats I’ve seen some dramatic improvement in people’s squat technique and their overhead squat. Keep up the good work. I can’t stress enough how important it is to warm those shoulders up and stretch them after not only on these OHS days but every day. Over the last few weeks we have programmed many different ways of doing this. Please make use of them. If you are unsure then ask a coach or apprentice. Workout: Burpee Ladder 1 Burpee the first minute 2 Burpees the second 3 Burpees the third And so on… How far can you go? Leaderboard is the ladder. Score it AMRAP. So if Short Bus does 12 full rounds and 6 burpees of the 13th round then her score would be 12.06. The flop burpee is allowed. Chest and thigh must touch the ground. You must be able to put a brick under your feet at the jump and your arms must be straight above your head. You must also be completely upright at the apex of the jump. Keeping your eyes on the horizon at this point instead of the ground is helpful in achieving this end. Much Love, The Shepherd