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The Weekend Has Arrived!!

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed this week a la Shepherd. Let's end with a bang! Saturday's Workout: Two Pieces #1: How many rounds of Tabata to row 1000m? Set the computers to the regular Tabata (20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest). Roll over will not work. Have a partner track your meters every round. Stop when you hit 1000m total. Sac got it in 11 rounds. Think it would be a monumental effort to get it in 10. #2: Karen 150 Wall Balls (20/12 lbs) LeaderBoard will be Karen Sunday's Workout: Warm Up: 30 Dowel Squat Snatch Tech: Handstands Workout: Three rounds for time 10 x 275/180 lbs Deadlift 50 Double-unders The LumberJack should crush this one. As for the entertainment, I was overwhelmed by the response of people sharing their pics. Mucho appreciato. I did not get to post all of them of but rest assured they will surface at sometime. Here is Chelsea Leonard. Apparently she had made a mess of the deck with drawing chalk so her mother gave her a bucket and brush to clean it up. She decided it was more fun to just crawl into the bucket. Must of been hot that day. image And here is Shelley Sheppard. Love those glasses. Love the red leather tie even more. image Love to All, The Shepherd