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The weekend: Time to Reflect

I interviewed Dan Rogers, last year's Fittest Man in Canada, this morning. I was expecting to have a conversation about his quest to return to the CrossFit Games this year, a conversation about his training and his mental preparation bla bla bla. While we covered the basics, we ended up talking about what he loves most about CrossFit. "The other day we did skin the cats, and this 45-year-old woman I coach looked at me at the start of class with an expression that said, 'You're crazy. There's no way I'm going to invert myself like that on the rings.' Then the next thing you know, she did a skin the cat, and her face absolutely lit up when she got off the rings," said Rogers. In short, what Rogers loves about CrossFit is how "it allows you to do things you didn't ever think we're possible." For Rogers, this meant making it to the highest level in this sport, the CrossFit Games. For his 45-year-old client, it meant getting herself upside down for probably the first time in years, or maybe ever. It got me thinking about my own clients. The other day, I had a similar situation with one of my students. Her warm-up was GH sit-ups and Box Jumps. She sat on top of the GH machine sweating with fear - her hands clenching on to the machine, refusing to let go. I had to spot her with both hands as she slowly lowered herself backward. Then came the daunting box jump. She stared at the box for five minutes before attempting her first leap onto the box. Fast forward five minutes. Suddenly the same woman was rocking out GH sit-ups and box jumps as if she'd been doing them her whole life. Achieving things we didn't think were possible. Another example - Donkey. The other day, he comes in and busts out three muscle ups in a row. He hops off the rings, lets out a satisfied, 'Yes,' looking happy as a clam. "Andy helped me with it in the 11 am class the other day, and then I had this revelation about throwing my hips forward as I was at home," said Donkey, who has finally figured out the trick to consistent muscle ups. image Achieving things we didn't think we'd ever be able to do. Another one: PBI. Earlier this week, he busted out an 185 lbs. overhead squat. I asked him how much he could overhead squat when he arrived at CrossFit Vancouver a couple years ago. He laughed and said, "A broomstick...a heavy broomstick, though." image Now it's your turn. How has CrossFit helped you conquer a fear, or achieve something you didn't think you'd ever be able to do? Post to comments. Saturday: Warm-up: Dot Drill Tech: Shoulder Press (7 rep. max) WOD: Partner WOD 8 rounds (each) 200 metre run L-pull-ups One person running while the other person is doing L pull-ups. Keep track of how many L pull-ups you get as a team. Each person runs 200 metres eight times and does L pull ups 8 times. Post 7 rep. max shoulder press to leaderboard Sunday: Tech: Deadlift - go heavy WOD: Games WOD 15 minute AMRAP 9 Deadlifts (155/100 lbs.) 12 Push ups 15 Box Jumps