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Join the MadLab WLC this spring!

The Whole Life Challenge is a system for changing your life.  Literally.

But that’s not necessarily obvious on your first day.

(Or your first Challenge.)

Because it feels like it might just be a system for changing your nutrition.

Or your propensity to skip exercise.

Or a way to get more sleep.

And it can be just that.  

(If that’s all you want.)

But eventually, it does more. With enough practice, all those small Habits add up, and they start to do something pretty miraculous.

They work together.

And if you’re a veteran player, you’ve probably noticed this.

How sleeping and eating well gives you energy. Which makes exercise easier and more pleasurable. Which increases your water intake. Which leaves you a bit lighter, and makes you want to keep eating well.

And eventually, your body changes.

And you begin to spend more time on personal reflection.

On reaching out.

On supporting yourself and others.

Which changes your mind.

Making you a little more open to gratitude, happiness, and connection.

And eventually, your dedication culminates in the knowledge that you can and will take care of yourself as a real life priority, not just for 6 weeks, but every day forever.

And you’re happy.

And if you’re new to the Challenge, you’re probably wondering how something as simple as spending a month and a half on yourself could lead to this.

And (if we’re totally honest), we wonder a bit how it works, too.

In the metaphysical sense.

Because what happens in the long term seems like SO MUCH MORE than the little things we’re doing every day.

 Join the MadLab Spring Whole Life Challenge HERE: MadLab WLC Team


The MadLab Team will be doing the PRE WORKOUT and MEASUREMENTS this Saturday April 14th at 11am.