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There comes a time

to face a challenge.  Prepare yourself. And Giver....


don't be silly.

"Eva" is considered one of the more difficult CrossFit workouts, even finishing is considered a badge of honor. This workout can be unproductive and is for most. I don't want you to plod through it and get this drawn out metabolic challenge because of the sheer volume of work in front of you.  So if your still a mini firebreather and planning on working out Saturday and Sunday try the Eva Sprint Version.  If not, and you got the inkling to GIV'R - expose yourself & get your big bad-ass volume in Friday.  I know the Sheik and Tinkerbell will.  That's just how it is.

(Tbear hint - If you can do 50 burpees then knock out at least 15 consecutive 2-pood swings and then 15 pull-ups in a row - your ready for Eva.)