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Things Just Keep Getting Better!

First swank new bathrooms now proper lighting! Pup and his crew are putting in new lights so Saturday classes please bear with them and give them some love, they are working hard for our benefit.  Our school just keeps getting better and there's more exciting stuff to come!  We'll be limited Saturday to 1/2 the space so the boys have room to work so you may need to hit the WOD in heats if the classes are large. Weekend Double Post This week we've seen lots of gymnastics movements, some rowing, a bunch of running, cleans, a big deadlift, front squats.  What's left? Oh right, the Snatch! Saturday Tech: Snatch WOD: Isabel 30 Snatch (135/85) Isabel-Off Sunday Pick a WOD from this week that you missed.  I recommend Isabel, Baby Kong or Showdown but if the sun is shining Griff kicked ass also.