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Third Annual Nutts Cup: Saturday, August 11th

Mark the date: Saturday, August 11th. If there's a CF Vancouver event that you want to be at, it's this one! Sheppy described last year's Nutts Cup as, "One of the most memorable days ever at our box." Competitor Pete 'Big Baby' O'Sullivan called it, "The most fun CrossFit competition ever." Team No No From the military presence, to the pig on a spit roasting in the parking lot, to the emotions released when we honoured Andy Nutts, to Lemonade Rob's potent drinks, to the elite CrossFit athletes who competed, last year's competition had people talking for weeks. Here's some footage of last year's Nutts Cup, which also made it onto the news hour on Global TV. This year we are following some of the same trends, and are adding some new ones. Format: Teams of three (two men and one woman) Entry Fee: $120 per team Teams: Maximum 30 teams Prize: $3000 for first, with smaller cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN A COUPLE SHORT WEEKS, so stay tuned. We will also bring back the Caveman Cookout crew to roast us a pig and Lemonade Dan to make us his infamous drinks. And, of course, the after party will remain intact. However, a couple new features include: 1. An event specifically for newbies to CrossFit (details to come). 2. This year, Nutts Cup will be a fundraiser for youth at risk. Charlie Palmer has been working with the Take a Hike charity for a number of years now, so we're going to help raise money for his kids. NUTTS CUP: THE HISTORY For those of you who aren't familiar with Andy Nutts, he was a beloved coach here in Vancouver. He wanted to make a difference in life, so he joined the Canadian Army. He achieved his dream of leading men into combat when he secured the most sought after role in the Canadian Military - platoon leader in Afghanistan. Andy led from the front and was killed in Afghanistan at the end of 2009. He was a special human being. In 2010, we held the first 'Nutts Cup' to commemorate his life. CrossFit Vancouver members brought their friends, newbies to CrossFit, who participated in their first CrossFit workout. We had more than 200 people here participating. Then, to top it off, the veteran firebreathers bravely attempted the Nutts Hero WOD. In the end, 2010 Games competitor Garth Prouse took it down on the men's side, while Eunice topped the women. In 2011, we turned Nutts Cup into a team competition. Andy Nutts was a socializer, so we wanted to make his event representative of who he was. We had 30 teams of three compete with $5000 up for grabs, and in the end Andy, Max, and Joy took home to cup, beating out an American team made up of two of the best CrossFitters in the world, Ashleigh Moe and Noah Peters (both individual CrossFit Games athletes). Read a story about Nutts from the CrossFit Journal last August: What Would Andy Do - CrossFit Journal More details will come in the upcoming weeks and months. EUNICE Thanks for that Punky. I'm betting it is going to be another really special day. Thursday's Workout: Tech: Double Unders Deadlift - 1 Rep SAFE Max - 1, 1, 1 Safe max means not your pure 1 rep max. Moreover its something around 90% of your 1 repper that you can do with impecable form. Workout: CrossFit Games 2009 Mid Atlantic Qualifier 10 Deadlifts (275/185 lbs) 50 Double Unders x 3 For Time A very testing combination of brute strength mixed with speed, agility and coordination. Winning time for men was 2:52 and women 3:01. Bad. Ass. Do not be afraid to scale the weight to get the appropriate hit. One Love, El Shepardo