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This is Not a Retraction

It seems all my Vince-love has left a few of our Leaderboard Heroes feeling under-appreciated. Let me set the record straight: Vince inspires me because he is human like you and me. The dude weighs only 135lbs which is one seriously liability when the leaderboard includes WODs like the CF Total, Olympic Total, 500m Row and FGB. Nevertheless, he still manages to take 6 spots (including FGB). That's inspiration to the rest of us mere mortals that we can compete with the titans. Vince is great but there are other CFV legends that have long ruled the leaderboard. People who I suspect were probably born on a planet with a red sun and much more powerful gravity than our earth. Holding 6 or more Leaderboard places: Andy, Emily, Joy, Pete K., Max, Afghan and probably Kermit (sorry if I missed anyone else - no offense intended) You folks so totally rock! But these aren't mere mortals like you me and Vince, they are legend. And among them, there is one who has always impressed me most: The Lumberjack! Not only is he just about our strongest athlete, he is strong in bodyweight WODs where little men traditionally dominate and is a great runner too! Listen, with the possible exception of Andy (maybe), Lumber is the ONLY male athlete in our school capable of completing King Kong as RX'd!!! Vince inspires me because he's just a regular guy like you and me who has overcome many challenges to perform at an elite level. But when I grow up, the athlete I want to be like is Lumber: A titan among men! (even if he is too shy to do a naked Fran on Wreck Beach and is still working on his ring HSPU) I hope hurt feelings have been assuaged and the truly awesome among us feel that they have received their due recognition:)