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This is “Tuff” Tuesday with Diane

The wod yesterday should have ya feeling yer legs!!! Hope you all set new p.r's on the next max front squat. Hope to see everyone climbing the rope a bit better too. I love that Coach Andy sent me this pic of two wonderful people that have been part of our community for quite some time. I remember the first day Steve walked in to the old box on 2nd & Ontario! He's been a solid client and a dedicated Crossfitter and It has been great watching you both progress!! I'd like to say great shot Melia and man do they look good!!!! Steve and Veronika on the wedding day. Congratulations you two are outstanding. For time: 21-15-9 Deadlift H.S.P.U. Weight is (225/155lbs) and of course you can scale it!!! This is a cool vid from .com where Pat & Annie do Diane. image