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This weekends Crossfit Affiliate Team workout number 1

We need the affiliate team and reserves out for this one (2 groups of four). Pete, Supa, Max, Machine, Kermit, Dober, Lumber, Jayboy, or Sheppy). 1st station row 50 calories 2nd station shoulder press 30 reps (#100/65#) 3rd station burpees 30 reps (use the Calgary standard, arms must be straight up, no clapping, torso upright, chest to deck) 4th station 600m sandbag run or dynamax ball if sandbags are a problem. (#20/14) When you are finished your objective at your station, take a knee. You cannot leave your station until each member of your team is completed their reps/calories/run). When everyone on the team is finished their station, advance to the next station for a total of 4 rounds. Once you get back to where you started from, that will signify one round. ROW --- shoulder press --- burpees --- sandbag/ball run --- back to the rower …repeat X4 First team to complete the 4 rounds is the champ. Losing team has to pay for Popeye's airfare to the Crossfit Games, lol. We don’t have much time, so “Hit it hard”!!!!!!